About PoP!

Close-Up of Little GirlJa’Net Wyatt,the primary balloon decorator/artist, has an extensive creative background since childhood that includes writing poetry, short stories & comic strips; acting, dancing, drawing cartoons, shooting short films,  and of course….crafts.  It’s no wonder with all this artistry that she was able to transition into an amusing field of balloons.  Here is her story…

When others see something in you

Many of many times coworkers (from three different workplaces) have suggested that I go into business for myself.  And as a young adult, fearless to take risks and yet fearful of what people think of you, there was this belief within me that being a “hard worker” [within a company] will take you places.  Well, that’s not ALWAYS true.

I’ll tell you why…


Being at two dead-end jobs (one downsizing/shifting and the other just dreadfully monotonous) can make life feel purposeless. That’s when I made a decision (encouraged by my accountant) to [finally] put into action to research a career move into something that is “creative” and “fun”.
You know, something that Love at first sigt bumble beewas a part of me.  So as I browsed through a popular business/start-up site at work, waiting on my clients’ emails, I landed on an article titled “the business of balloons”.


Well, I took a class (just for fun) that was offered at this balloon wholesale/distribution company that I found in Google’s search engine.  It was an awesome experience to know how a balloon rocking chair sculpture was built or the layering of a spiral arch.  It was a field that become “love at first flight” and I diligently practiced, sometimes sleepless nights, obsessed with improving on my décor one design at a time.

…… Forward on

With balloons, you can make almost EVERYTHING.  From twisted characters to large life-like sculptures.  A cluster of helium balloons formed into a cloud or a massive balloon bouquet made of different sizes, shapes, and foils.

But…the most joy comes from the amount of smiles and amazing expressions I receive from all people of different ages, cultural background, income, race, religion, or gender.  Anger turns to happiness, frowns flipped upside down, and [a child’s] anxiety is calmed.